Dems “Non-Americans First” Message Not Resonating With Americans

VEN (WASHINGTON) — In another YIKES moment, former Soul Train dance captain and  off-meds Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was caught  flat-footed Monday at an America Last rally in DuPont Circle when the confused Congresswoman said off-mic “I thought we were here because of the gays.  Who the f**k are all these damn Mexicans?”

latinos_trumpThe “damn Mexicans” Ms Pelosi was referring to  were illegal aliens who had been bussed in from a shuttered tortilla factory in  Lawrence, Massachusetts to join the American Last protest rally organized by  — oh, yeah —  Nancy Pelosi!  As well as her close friend Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and the Congressional Black Caucus, who appeared in tribal Zulu garb complete with rubber-tipped spears, imitation leopard caps,  and repurposed bottles of grape Snapple filled with jenkem.

“Who do we love more than American citizens?!” Ms Pelosi yelled at the crowd.  “All you undocumented guys!!  All you DREAMERs!!  All you non-US citizens that President Trump thinks came from S-H-I-T holes!!  WE LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!”

trump pinataThe crowd roared, beating an improvised Trump piñata provided by the DNC with baseball bats — also provided by the DNC — while the CBC banged their spears and hip-checked one another in approval.

But cab driver Willie Hampton from Anacostia was not joining in the fun.

“What the F*** are these people doin’?   Why they in the country in the foist place?  Hell, ain’t nobody got a problem lockin’ up the black man.  Why ain’t they lockin’ up these people!  They ain’t Americans!  And they breakin’ the law jess by bein’ here!”

Martina Lopez, a pediatrician from Alexandria whose parents fled Cuba in 1960, was even more strident in her condemnation of the rally.

“Who in their right mind would champion illegal aliens over their native population?  Have the Democrats lost their minds?  Why wouldn’t our politicians want to protect Americans?

“And it’s not just taking jobs away from Americans!  It’s also the disease and crime that the illegals  bring!  Why would Democrats want to inflict that suffering on Americans?  And why the hell aren’t these politicians spending their time and energy helping our veterans!  These people are out of their minds!  Illegal immigrants are more important to them than disabled veterans who risked their lives for America??!!  That is just pathetic!”