Merkel To Disband Berliner Philharmoniker?

Ludwig van Beethoven, infidel composer of haram music displeasing to the Prophet and Allah.

VEN (BERLIN)  — A Syrian migrant, defecating in the lobby of the Berliner Philharmonie,  became so enraged upon hearing muted strains of Beethoven’s 7th Symphony while he relieved himself, that he began smashing windows, attacked several ushers trying to restrain him,  then fled the Philharmonie and assaulted three German women, before retreating to his migrant NO GO ZONE, where he set fire to his state-funded apartment, causing the death of several African migrant rapists from the Sudan.

“It is time,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters Sunday, “to take a long and hard look at the future of the Berliner Philharmonie, whose orchestral music is viewed by many of our replacement population as haram and a grievous  insult to Islam.

“To that end, effective immediately, I am suspending the Berliner Philharmonie’s 2018 season and making it illegal to play or listen to symphonic music anywhere in Germany, until such time that we can meet with representatives from our Islamic replacement population to determine a way forward — if there is a way forward — which — given the precepts of Islam — seems unlikely.”

Disbanding the Berliner Philharmonie is just the latest step in the inevitable  Islamification of Germany.

Many Merkel watchers believe that the Chancellor — annoyed that far too many Germans are resisting the state-mandated conversion to Islam — is considering expelling any non-conforming German to Poland, Southern Brazil, or Namibia (the former German colony), and turning the Aachen Cathedral — commissioned by “the infidel Crusader Charlemagne” — into a victory mosque to celebrate the ascendance of the replacement migrant population over what Ms Merkel has recently begun referring to derisively as the “so-called native German people.”

Developing  . . . .