“Protest Against Prosperity” Gains Traction Ahead Of State Of The Union Address

VEN (WASHINGTON) — Led by disingenuous,  permanently menopausal, self-identifying Native American Senator  Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Democrat Congresswomen who aren’t boycotting President Trump’s State of The Union address on January 30, are being encouraged to wear black polyester pants suits as part of a  “Protest Against Prosperity” demonstration, that has an as yet undefined connection to the Golden Globe Awards.liz-warren-nuts

“We want to send a message,” an angry Ms Warren told reporters Thursday.  “A strong message.  That we aren’t going to sit by and watch this country go down the drain with tax cuts, the reversal of regulations intended to raise taxes on small businesses,  the corporate repatriation of trillions of dollars sitting in foreign banks,  and the elimination of the Affordable Health Care Act Mandate (AHCAM) that will now make our already unaffordable national health care even less affordable for the people who need it most — our undocumented replacement population who should be so much more important to us than deplorable American Fakeriots like Donald Trump who don’t pay their taxes, grab women by their you know whats any time they want to and who stole this election by colluding with  Russia and Putin and Harvey Weinstein and . . . and  . . . we’re just not gonna take it anymore!

“Mr President!  You didn’t . . . you didn’t build that!  So . . .  Tear down that wall!

Elenore Robles — a spokesperson for Lane Bryant — told VEN Thursday that the plus-sized ready-to-wear fashion house is getting swamped with orders for black polyester pants suites, “and we just don’t have that many in stock in sizes over 22 right now.  It’s going to be a real struggle for us.”

Developing . . . .