Number One With A Bullet! K Street Boyz, “I’ll Never Vote Without You!

VEN (LOS ANGELES) — Topping the holiday charts on their new Donor Class label, Washington’s most duplicitous for hire RINO boy band —  the K Street Boyz — are looking for platinum with their new Just Tell Me What To Do album, featuring #SoMeToo zaftig MAGA-Lite vocalist Joy Villa (Spank Me To The Moon, What’s Truth Got To Do With It?, That’s When The Spankin’ Time Beginsand special guest artist — The Notorious M to the I to the Double T  R-MONEY drivin’ his downtown, donor class, DC Latter Day Saints sound on Influence Me (It Never Hurts To Tell A Lie) and Nothin’ But A Donor Thang.

The K Street Boyz — “White bread ain’t never been buttered better!”