Merkel — Germany Will Take In 300,000 Iranian Refugees!

VEN (BERLIN) — In an effort to further accelerate the German replacement population,   Neo-Bolshevick Chancellor Angela Merkel — who, according to 23andMe,  is NOT related to Joseph Stalin, as many once believed — announced Wednesday that she is prepared to take in 300,000 Iranian refugees when the joint Israeli/US destabilizing coalition topples the current theocratic regime.

“In this next sanctuary round,  we will be offering up the Fatherland to a more sophisticated Islamic refugee, who — like us — is well-acquainted with personal hygiene, sexual restraint,  and respect for authority.

“This will be the dawn of a new and better Germany, where our newest replacement population will not defecate on public streets, next to park benches,  or in and around our beloved Brandenburg Gate!

“What a glorious day for the Fatherland!”

EU President Donald Tusk was  overjoyed with the announcement, and hopes that other EU members will follow suit.

“The time for Europe has passed!” Mr Tusk told reporters in Brussels, Wednesday, where he was a judge at the annual International Mussel Eating Contest.

“Such wonderful news from Germany!  I implore our other member nations to follow Angela’s lead!  But we mustn’t stop there!

“No!  We must tax our workers even more than we have in the past, so that we can continue to support our indigent replacement populations until Europeans, the EU, our Christian tradition, and Europe as we know it today are nothing more than a bad memory in the history of the world!”

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