#GiveMoreBack Picking Up Steam?

VEN (WASHINGTON) — Outraged by the Trump tax plan that only lowers taxes for corporations and for the 54.7% of Americans who actually pay taxes, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)and Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced Tuesday that they are sponsoring a  #GiveMoreBack campaign to encourage taxpayers to pay up to twice what they owe in federal income tax.

“We can’t spend taxes that we don’t have,” Ms Pelosi told a raucous crowd at the Compton Auditorium Tuesday night, flanked by fellow Democrat Congresswomen Kamala Harris and Maxine Waters, who opened the rally by calling for President Trump’s impeachment “before he send black people to Borneo or back to the Moon!”

Meanwhile First-Class-Seat-Bumping Congressional Black Caucus firebrand Sheila Jackson-Lee — currently at the heart of a federal investigation into admission standards at Yale and the University Of Virgina — kicked off  an “If You White, Make It Right” program in Washington Tuesday, demanding that white Republican Congressmen pay an extra 25,000.00 USD annually to The Keepin’ It Real Foundation run by her brother Odell in the back of the Greyhound Bus Station in downtown Houston.

Developing . . . .