Gaming Gone Wrong, “Gypsy” Window Washers New Harvest Fest Massacre Theory?

joe-lombardoVEN (LAS VEGAS) — After weeks of silence, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo told reporters Wednesday that investigators are pursuing a new theory about the worst mass shooting in American history.

According to the Sheriff, the FBI Crime Lab now believes that alleged shooter Stephen “Mad Dog” Paddock may have been testing an under-development beta version of a new virtual reality game, “Texas Tower Whitman,”  when for reasons as yet unknown, the plastic rifle he was using was replaced with a real rifle loaded with real bullets.virtual reality

“We believe that Security Guard Jose Campos, Version 1.0 — the thin Jose Campos — was overpowered by the heavy-set Jose Campos — possibly his twin brother — in the break room of the hotel, who then drugged Mr Paddock with Ayahuasca and gave him a real rifle with live ammunition.

“Was he an agent of a rival virtual reality gaming company?  We just don’t know at this time.

160810181655-man-climbs-trump-tower-540x304“Meanwhile, two undocumented ‘gypsy’  window washers, using suction cups instead of a scaffold, were almost killed when Mr Paddock shot out the window they were washing on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

“They both fell into the room, but Mr Paddock was unaware of their presence, owing to  the virtual reality device on his head and earphones with the volume turned up.

“While one window washer ripped the virtual reality device off Mr Paddock’s face, the other window washer drew a handgun and shot Mr Paddock  twice in the head,  at which point they exited the suite, taking Mr Paddock’s hard drive with them, and possibly fleeing to either Honduras or Switzerland.”

Sheriff Lombardo reminded reporters that local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies are doing everything they can to solve this crime as quickly as possible.

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