Is Elon Musk The Edison Of Tesla?

VEN (PALO ALTO) —  Known to friends and associates as The Elephant Man or Mr Direct Current,  androgynous green-energy no-viable-business-plan-without-federal-subsidies conman extraordinaire Elon Musk is now predicting that he will build a lithium-ion battery the size of Key West to power a bleeding edge electric car/rocketship that can GO BACK IN TIME!

Dubbed The Battery Powered Tesla Time Machine (TBPTTM), the new concept hybrid car/spaceship/time machine in scheduled to debut . . . in 1939!

“If successful,” an exuberant Mr Musk told reporters Sunday, “we may even be able to prevent World War II!”

When asked why he continues to defy the laws of physics and concentrates his energy on highly volatile and cumbersome lithium-ion  batteries instead of NextGen super-capacitors,  a confident Mr Musk replied that he likes his power modules like he likes his women — large, unreliable,  old-fashioned, and potentially explosive!

Developing . . . .