Rot Row! Rosie O Turned Into Blimp Dog After HER Hookup Turns Ugly!

VEN (LOS ANGELES) —  Tempestuous Trump-hating unfunny Lesbian comedienne Rosie O’Donnell was reportedly transformed into a plus-sized pug Friday at The Girl Bar in West Hollywood, after telling her HER date to “GO F**K HERSELF” for voting for Donald Trump.Rosie-angry-600x400

The vituperative Ms O’Donnell got her comeuppance, however,  when her lipstick lez date — a Wicca sorceress and former member of the Process Church — retaliated by casting a spell on her.

“It was the freakiest thing I ever saw,” one anonymous bystander told VEN‘s Senior LGBTQ Correspondent Myra Breckenridge Sunday.  “Rosie was screaming her head off and the other woman just waved her right hand and POOF!  there was this fat little dog where Rosie was sitting.”

According to friends close to Ms O’Donnell, the spell was short-lived and lasted only a few hours, but now Ms O’Donnell has begun chasing squirrels and running after cars again.

“This is the second time something like this has happened to her,” one close friend explained to VEN.  “The last time she was turned into a gay pit bull in Oakland, which didn’t end very well for her.  You’d think she’d learn her lesson!”