Roy Moore, JonBenét Ramsey — Pen Pals?!

VEN (DENVER) — In yet another shocking revelation, Edward Vholes — the attorney for a  former Colorado mailman currently in negotiations with The National Enquirer — told reporters late Wednesday that Judge Roy Moore sent over 2000 post cards to young beauty queen Jonbenet Ramsey for over a year before the six-year-old’s tragic, as-yet-unsolved murder in 1996!

“My client is not alleging that Judge Moore was in any way involved in Ms Ramsey’s murder.  However, it does make you wonder why a married 48-year-old Alabama district attorney with an apparent  history of stalking teenagers in shopping malls and high schools would be corresponding with a five year old girl who lived almost 1500 miles away!”

Mr Vholes produced a facsimile of a post-card allegedly written by Roy Moore and addressed to Ms Ramsey, which read in part:

To a sweeter more beautiful Beauty Queen I could not say Merry Christmas.   Christmas 1995.   Please excuse my hesitency in not telling you this sooner.   Love, Roy Moore, D.A. 12-22-77  12-22-95 Olde Hickory House Hotel, Room 248.