Breaking — Serial Killer Ted Bundy, Roy Moore Double Dated!

VEN (BIRMINGHAM) — In more shocking revelations, a former attendant at the Starlight Twin Drive In  just outside of Gadsden, Alabama, recalls seeing Judge Roy Moore and Ted Bundy on dates with girls who “looked to be 12 years old.”

84-year-old Ab Snopes told reporters Monday that while watching The Deliberate Stranger on television over the weekend, he was “hit with a bolt of lightning” after  pausing the movie to get an RC Cola and another bowl of microwave popcorn.

“Clear as day — Bundy and Judge Roy — they must have been at the drive-in every night for three weeks in the summer of 1977, and each time with young girls all made up to look like they were 18 or 19, but they were only about 11 years old, and had fake IDs and were wearing lots of that mascara and sexy big girl Crimsonettes eye makeup.  But Oh man, let me tell you, were they ever hot!

ted bundy-2“Judge Roy always sat in the backseat when they drove in and looked real nervous, but Bundy he would always smile that Bundy smile of his, wink,  and hand me a brand new five dollar bill to keep me quiet.

“I’m sorry to say I was young and stupid, so I took his money and kept my mouth shut.  And now the man who was friends with a serial killer, might become a US Senator!  I just hope it’s not too late to get him off the ballot!”

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