Mad Dog Paddock Piloted Helicopter While Brother Bruce Shot At Crowd?

VEN (LAS VEGAS) — In another shocking turn of events, LVPD and the FBI have released a new theory on the tragic Harvest Festival Shooting that killed 58 and wounded over 500 people on October 1 that is straight out of a James Bond movie.

Apparently authorities now believe that Security Guard Jose/Jesus Campos chartered a helicopter which landed on the roof of the Mandalay Bay hotel, where it was commandeered by Stephen Paddock, while Mr Campos plied the pilot with 200,000.00 USD worth of casino chips and a pair of Iranian escorts and told him to “disappear” for a few hours.

Mr Paddock then took off and hovered the helicopter inches away from his suite on the 32nd floor of the hotel, smashing out one of the windows with the rotor blades, while Mr Campos threw a rope ladder to Mr Paddock’s brother Bruce,  who used it to make his way onto the helicopter.

They then flew around for ten minutes while Bruce Paddock shot at concert goers, finally returning to the rooftop of the Mandalay Bay hotel where another security guard was waiting for them.

Something went wrong, however, and before they could make their escape, the second security guard tripped over something in the dark and his firearm inadvertently discharged, shooting Stephen Paddock in the head and killing him instantly.

At this point, the confederates decided to fly Bruce Paddock back to  West Hollywood, while Mr Campos moved Stephen Paddock’s body to his hotel suite, where he shot Mr Paddock once again in the head, broke out a second window, and staged the “crime scene.”

Mr Campos then radio’ed that he had himself been shot and rounds were being fired into the hallway on the 32nd floor, a claim he later explained was probably exaggerated and the result of having hallucinated after drinking an extra-large Ecstasy/Red Bull cocktail  and smoking too much crack cocaine before his shift began.

Concerned about his reliability as a witness, authorities had Mr Campos transported to a detox facility in Mexico, where during an accelerated three-day course of treatments, Mr Campos gained 40 pounds.

Developing . . . .