Damn, Bitch! I Guess I DID Know Somethin’ Bout Birthin’ Babies!

VEN (WASHINGTON) — Former DNC HNIC Donna Brazile, jumps off a heavily damaged, noticeably listing USS Clinton in what many party loyalists are calling a self-serving attempt to be not the first but the biggest rat to abandon Shrill Hill’s slowly sinking ship.

Oh, the humanity!

Or so say anonymous sources close to the former Secretary Of State, who are shocked that the woman who lost her job at CNN for providing Mrs Clinton with questions in advance of a town hall presidential debate and then lying about it would suddenly turn on Mrs Clinton, contending that the so-called Clinton Crime family not only took over control of the DNC but rigged the Democrat primaries to defeat Communist Bernie Sanders.

Was Ms Brazile interviewed by Robert Mueller or the DOJ?  Is she facing an indictment?  Was she somehow double-crossed — which seems unlikely — by the same woman who for years tirelessly mentored her career?

Or is there another, perhaps more personal motive behind Ms Brazile’s shocking apostasy?

Developing . . . .