My God, They’re Going To Kill Us All!

VEN (LAS VEGAS) — Warren Pakula  (not his real name) — a college student who survived the massacre at the Route 91 Harvest Festival Concert on October 1 — answered a Craigslist ad for a roommate Friday, and got much more than he bargained for.

“When I was getting out of my car, I dropped my cell phone.  As I  bent down to pick it up suddenly someone opened fire on me!  It was Harvest Fest all over again!

“I was able to call 911, but they hung up  on me!   I laid there on the pavement terrified, pretending to be dead, while these bullets kept slamming into my car.  Then I heard someone yell something in Spanish, and this car sped off, tires squealing, still shooting at me!

car-bullet-hiles“When I got up, I couldn’t believe it! My f^^^ing car was riddled with bullet holes!  I mean it was just crazy!  It’s like a f^^^ing nightmare!  Twice in the same month I almost get shot to death.   It makes no sense!”

Warren was one of several people who claimed they saw multiple shooters firing on the concert-goers as they ran for cover,  and he claims he also told authorities he saw someone in the crowd who looked like a security guard shooting people at point-blank range.MEXICO-FESTIVAL-DAY OF THE DEAD

“You know three days ago I was at a stoplight, and this lowrider pulls up to me with blacked-out windows.  Suddenly the passenger’s  window rolls down and there’s a guy in one of those Mexican Dios Muertos masks and he holds up what I figured at the time was a fake grenade and waved it at me.

“I thought he was just f^^^ing around, but now I’m not so sure.”