Doin’ The Dom!

VEN (NEW YORK) — A member of the Buffalo Bills  football team — who wished to remain anonymous — told VEN‘s Senior Sport’s Correspondent Arnold Rothstein Thursday that he and his teammates began kneeling during the National Anthem “cause it look cool.”

Earlier in the year, Player X and several of his Bills’ teammates ran into St Patrick’s Cathedral to get out of the rain, and — during a concelebrated  Tridentine Mass — witnessed the Catholic faithful genuflecting before entering and leaving the pews and when approaching and leaving the rail for Communion.genuflecting St pats

“Man, that was dope!  All that crazy talk and sh!t.  And those guys in the dresses with those baller hats! Later we practiced linking arms and swaying as we walked, then dropping down and taking a knee.  We called it the Dominous Vobiscum or Doin’ the Dom  or just  Domin’ for short.

“I just figured we was all Domin‘ during the Anthem like when we turn our baseball caps around — you know,  to be cool.

“Then I found out we were protesting the injustice of being the only black millionaires in this racist country who aren’t drug dealers.  And of course President Trump.  And bein’ arrested an’ sh!it when we break the White Man’s laws, which is definitely NOT cool!

“Anyway, y’all — I can’t speak for the other teams — but for us — originally — it was really just a fashion statement.  And then suddenly, very suddenly,  it got crazy real.”

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