VEN (DETROIT) — When  Frederica Wilson (D-FL) and Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX) tied in bet awardsthe Bangin’ Fly B!tch Cray Cray Fashion category at the annual BET Mac Daddy Pimp Fashion Awards Live From Detroit Wednesday Night, the audience got an unexpected Michael/Latoya surprise when — appearing in succession at the podium rather than together — it became apparent that the two Congresswomen were actually the same person!

As one anonymous source told VEN, “First Ms Jackson-Lee, she accepted her award, then walked off stage.  About ten minutes later —  while an increasingly restless crowd started chanting, Where You At?  Where You At?  — a disheveled Ms Wilson, looking confused and out of breath —  finally emerged from the wings.

“It looked like what it was — a botched costume change.  The audience got real quiet. Then someone stood up and yelled DAMN, b!tch.  You the same person!  and the place went nuts.  It was worse than the Waters/Brown outing here in 2015!*cory booker

“And it raises the uncomfortable question of how many black people in public life — politicians and entertainers — are leading double lives.  I mean Cory Booker was mayor of Newark, but he lived in New York!  What the f*** was that all about?”


*Editor’s Note — In 2015, BET presented Congresswomen Maxine Waters (D-CA) and Corrine Brown (D-FL) with lifetime achievement awards, but only Ms Waters attended, accepting both awards.  When asked why Ms Brown was unable to attend, Ms Waters replied, “You lookin’ at her, b!tch!”