Senior Senator From Maine Denies Pay For Play Deal With Dress Barn

VEN (WASHINGTON)  — A combative Susan Collins (D-ME)  denied allegations Sunday that in return for 15-25% discounts on clothing and accessories from Dress Barn, the senior Senator from Maine has been pushing legislation to benefit women’s clothier Ascena Retail Group, Inc.susan collins-2

Dress Barn has the styles that I like, OK?   They fit me right off the rack, which is important for someone with my busy schedule.  And they’re affordable.

“Like most American women who live paycheck to paycheck, I don’t have the time — or money — to waste on fittings or expensive alterations like Melania Trump.

Susan Collins“And just try to find a Jew tailor in Caribou, Maine.  I’ll save you the trouble —  it’s impossible!

“So yeah, I shop at Dress Barn.  So what? And no, I’m not doing anything unethical to benefit Ascena.  I mean come on guys, it’s not like they have the kind of lobby that MERCK and PFIZER have, for Chrisssake.

“I also shop at Lady Foot Locker, OK, and DWS,  because they have a great selection of Dr Scholl’s flats.

“And unlike our current president, I care about factory workers in China and Mexico,  and I’m not trying to start World War III with North Korea!

“And yes, Harvey Weinstein invited Amy Volk and me to dinner at the Holiday Inn in Lewiston once, and I had the good sense to say no.   I wish I could say the same for Amy — who by the way — like Laura Ingrahm — looks like she probably shops at Nordstrom.”