Shrill Hill Shills — Bill No Longer A Psychopath!

VEN (NEW YORK) —  Unkempt, psychotic, powder-blue-plus-sized-polyester-pants-suited lesbian sociopathic drunk and former Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton, told reporters Friday that her sexual predator rapist husband — former President Bill Clinton — is finally too old to rape anyone anymore even if he could get an erection,  and as proof asserted that she is no longer worried about leaving him alone with her grandchildren Charlotte and Aidan,  her maid Pilar,  and two of the three family dogs.

“Yes, the incident with Socks The Cat and our dog Buddy was unfortunate, but my God,  that was YEARS ago.  I mean we’re basically talking about ancient history (laughs)!

“And believe me,  Bill regrets that now more than you’ll ever know.

“I just thank god there was no YouTube or Facebook then (laughs)!

“But seriously, you really have to understand that my husband was under a tremendous amount of pressure dealing with the vast right-wing conspiracy that was trying to undermine his presidency.

“And finally the combative Russian — I mean Republican-controlled House actually impeached him as you might recall, after they alleged — incorrectly as it turned out — that Bill lied about having an affair with that fat little Jew tramp during his second term.

“By the way (laughs) I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but you know the Secret Service told me once off the record that the little whore never wore any underwear, so of course you can draw your own conclusions about who’s to blame there (laughs).

“And you now, I’ll just add that in my day, any reasonable person would infer from that kind of — as the kids say — thot behavior, that the little hymie slut was basically asking for it.”