BREAKING! Bill Cosby On Catalina Island Sex Summit — “They Told Me I Had To Use Quaaludes!

VEN (HOLLYWOOD) — In a shocking revelation, unfunny, disgraced, show-me-the-money-shot serial-rapist Bill Cosby explains how he, Bill Clinton, and Harvey Weinstein met on Catalina Island in January, 1993 to determine sexual predation “rules of engagement” for Hollywood producers, Democrat politicians, and Black celebrities.

The confession — recorded on a boombox cassette deck in 2013 — was provided to VEN by an anonymous source who was present when the recording was made.

An embittered Cosby,  facing ever-escalating charges of rape and speaking in his Fat Albert voice,  can be heard saying:

“Harvey’s people set up the summit, because they believed that rapes and sexual abuse were reaching epic proportions and  guys were stepping on each other’s toes so to speak.

“It was very much a territory thing, but also, they were worried that we needed to get things under control before someone — one of the women or little boys — leaked something to the press, and wrecked it for everyone.

“Clinton got White House interns, the wives and daughters of close friends and associates, and television weather girls.  Harvey got models, ingĂ©nues, Miramax secretaries, and any actress in the world under the age of 29.

“Because I was black — if I wanted to continue working — I basically got whatever Harvey and Bill didn’t want — provided I used some sort of preferred narcotic to knock the bitches out first, so they would have no memory of the rapes and sexual abuse.

“I mean what the f***,  I’d already been doing that for years, but Harvey’s people were afraid my hit or miss doses of NyQuil  and Sominex laced with chloral hydrate were putting everyone at risk.clinton_weinstein

“Clinton’s people provided me with a list of approved drugs from his years of incapacitating and raping women as governor of Arkansas, and Harvey’s people gave me number for a guy they called Dr Ketamine who would supply me and other black celebrities with what we needed.

“I mean  just because I’m black I don’t get a shot at Gwyneth Paltrow or Monica Lewinsky!?  That is such bullsh!t!

“Anyway, I had no choice but to agree to their terms.  Bill got to rape interns, Harvey got to rape A-list actresses, and I was restricted to central casting.  That’s how far we haven’t come since Civil Rights.  It still pisses me off!

“Believe me when I tell you that despite all the liberal bullshit posturing and constant embracing of so-called Progressive causes by guys like Harvey,  racial discrimination is still very much alive and well in Hollywood!

“It’s disgusting!”