Mysterious “Dr Ketamine” Also At Meeting With Donald Trump, Jr?

VEN (WASHINGTON) — Like a scene from a Tom Clancy novel, Donald Trump, Jr’s meeting last summer with a Russian lawyer apparently also included — according to anonymous sources — the infamous “Dr Ketamine,” the mysterious jet-setting  Albanian recluse who allegedly runs a multi-billion-dollar  international black market analgesic conglomerate, where for a price you can get anything from a single DARVON to 10,000 cubic meters of nitrous oxide to two metric tonnes of medical-grade Moroccan hashish.

“If  ‘Dr Ketamine’ was in fact present at this meeting, it raises serious concerns,” an anonymous senior State Department official told VEN.  “Was he trying to broker some sort of quid pro quo deal with the Trump people — information on Hillary Clinton’s drug use, for example,  in exchange for, say,  an exclusive Naproxen contract with the US military should Trump become president?

“Or was it more nefarious?  Was he offering to supply the Trump campaign with industrial strength Ukrainian Flunitrazepam which Trump dirty-tricks operatives could then place in Mrs Clinton’s vodka-laced Cold Chai, making it appear as if she were having a seizure?

“Or did he broker an ibogaine or ayahuasca deal with his contacts in Peru which the Trump campaign — through blackmail — got Anthony Weiner to substitute for Mrs Clinton’s  Parkinson’s medication,  making her look crazy at the DNC when she won the nomination?

“I mean let’s not forget, this is the same guy who — according to Hunter Thompson — derailed the Muskie campaign in 1972 by providing ibogaine to CREEP’s dirty tricksters that made Muskie look crazy on TV.

“Was ‘Dr Ketamine’ meeting with Trump’s son?  We need answers.  And we need them NOW!”

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