You Hang Up First! Oh, Derrick, Come On — YOU Hang Up First!

VEN (HAWAII) —  Former Obama law school roommate,  Derrick Watson, who — derrick watsonanonymous sources tell VEN   shared a summer home in Provincetown with the former president during their time together at Harvard, denies rumors that he and the former president were married in a secret ceremony at Vernon’s in Waltham, MA in June, 1991, with Mr Obama’s future wife Michelle acting as Best Man, followed by a “fabulous” reception at their favorite dance club, The Man Ray in Cambridge.ManRay

“Sure, Barry and I are close friends.  But it ends there,” the activist judge told VEN Friday.   “I’m happily married with two children, and — contrary to what The Daily Mail is reporting — I have never described myself as a ‘confirmed bachelor’.  That’s just ridiculous!”

Obama-winkJudge Warren was nominated to serve on the United States District Court for the District of Hawaii in 2012 by then President Obama, with the understanding that he would join other liberal justices on the district and circuit courts to allow Mr Obama and future Democrat presidents to rule by executive order, while impeding the executive orders of Republican presidents by filing injunctions and gratuitous, obstructionist, unconstitutional challenges that could only be resolved by the Supreme Court.Obama-shh-e1373384788749

In 2012, the expectation was that Hillary Clinton would succeed Mr Obama as president, and that she would then stack the Supreme Court with additional liberal activist judges, making it virtually impossible for a Republican president to govern for at least a generation, if ever.

The scheme was upended, however,  when literally Hitler real estate mogul and TV personality Donald Trump — with lots of help from the Russians, Democrats contend — somehow managed to beat Mrs Clinton in a shocking upset, and became the 45th President of the United States.

ScalesofJusticeNow — to the chagrin of the Obama/Clinton machine — President Trump is working  to drain the corrupt Deep State swamp, which —  presumably — will extend to the impeachment of corrupt liberal activist judges like Derrick Watson,  who are subverting the Constitution for venal political ends.

And Judge Watson thought his biggest problem was being outed as gay.

The best laid plans.

Developing . . . .