Ooops! Is Shrill Hill’s Freudian Slip Showing?

VEN (Chappaqua) — After what concerned family and friends are referring to as a marathon non-stop six-day booze and Xanax binge that began on September 25, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent out a bizarre tweet — since deleted — calling for a ban on “silencers” in the wake of the horrendous Las Vegas shooting on October 1, that saw 58 dead and over 500 wounded, some seriously.

Many on Twitter were quick to deride Mrs Clinton’s use of the term “silencer,” since no such device exists outside of Hollywood.  Firearms can be equipped with special Class III suppressors, which reduce but do not eliminate the sound of the report.hrc-weapons

So why did Mrs Clinton — who should know better, having been involved in countless pay-for-play arms deals with foreign nations and Islamic radicals during her tenure as Secretary of State — flub up?

Dr Martin Reingold, Associate Professor of Psychology at Cornell University thinks he knows why.

As he explained to VEN‘s Senior Political Correspondent Dirk Diggler Monday, Dr Martin believes that Mrs Clinton simply made a classic multi-valent Freudian slip.

humacomposite“As everyone knows, Anthony Weiner was bearding Mrs Clinton’s lesbian lover, Huma Abedin.  The pressures of a loveless/sexless marriage became too much for Mr Weiner, and he began sexting on the internet with young, underage women which eventually landed him in prison as a sex offender.

“The date of his sentencing — September 25 — corresponds to the beginning of Mrs Clinton’s latest bender.  In Mrs Clinton’s addled mind, Mr Wiener became her “silencer” when it came to suspicions about her affair with Ms Abedin, and he was also “silenced” by the Clinton’s in return for a short prison sentence.

Weiner-2“However, I believe that there’s an additional, deeper, more nefarious significance to this very public parapraxis.

“In calling for a ban on silencers, Mrs Clinton is inadvertently revealing that she is going to have her own silencer — Mr Weiner — permanently silenced, that is killed in prison.

“Probably by a very large black man named Marcus aka Odell aka Mr Snuff, who when he isn’t murdering former Clinton associates,  large black mansupplies both Bill and Hillary with Malaysian women, underage girls, and large amounts of heroin, Ecstasy, and crack cocaine.

“This is the same man who is allegedly on call 24/7 to help a frequently stumped Mrs Clinton with the New York Times crossword puzzle and the Sunday acrostic.”

Developing . . . .