Con La Boca Es Un Mamey!

VEN (MIAMI) — Apparently the gypsies are selling more than ice in the streets of Port St Lucie, Florida.

Like a chapter out of De Sade’s Justine, things have gone from bad to worse for Acindina Cruz after fleeing hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico for what she believed to be the relative safety of United States.

“I theenk ho boy, I can estart my life over now after Maria.  But Madre De Dios! I can no longer seet down, my feet they are eswollen, I have to esleep on my tummy.  Que va! Eeze terrible! I chould haff estayed in San Juan!”

Ms Cruz — like so many Puerto Rican refugees before her — fell prey to the all-too-common nefarious street “doctors” offering cash ‘n carry derrière enhancements which turn out to be injections of concrete-laden industrial silicon, administered in back alleys, sleazy motel rooms, and  in some cases Taco Bell and El Meson rest rooms for as little as 25.00 USD.

As Health and Human Services case worker Janice Temblin told VEN, “We tell them save up, go to a reputable surgeon, wear padded underwear, whatever.

“But they ignore us for the most part, and in many cases — despite all the literature and counseling —  end up with a culo full of cement.  It’s heartbreaking.”