Anti CIS-Gendered Media Attack Führer Und Frau des Führers For Being Strong, Dignified, And Reserved

melania heelsVEN (HOUSTON) — As literally Hitler President Trump and his beautiful wife Melania left Washington Tuesday to view the carnage and devastation in Texas in the aftermath of hurricane Harvey, an untermenschen’ed press attacked the melania-flotus-hatFLOTUS for wearing heels when leaving the White House, for wearing a FLOTUS cap in Texas, and — along with her husband — for not being empathetic enough to flood victims.

Meanwhile,  CNN — once again leading from behind — gave the President and his wife the following  object lesson on how to be empathetic to flood victims who have suffered severe trauma and devastating losses:

And as VEN‘s Fashion Correspondent  Sabrina Fairchild noted on MSNBC Tuesday, if it’s Fashion Don’t Time, then perhaps the candidate for biggest disaster of the 21st century is the bizarre plus-sized ensemble former First Lady Michelle Obama wore while vacationing in Tuscany in May, from Guido Cavelcanti’s now discontinued Putanesca Collection: