No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA!

armani001-800x646VEN (MILAN) — In a move deemed shocking by fashion industry insiders,  Giorgio Armani S.P.A. announced its newest ready-to-wear clothing line Monday,  inspired by and designed specifically for the world-wide larping/cosplaying LGBTQ Antifa community.

The gender-fluid Epicene Collection will feature a black gabardine belted jumpsuit with matching tactical balaclava hood, accessioned with bedazzled black drum-dyed French bridle leather gauntlets and  matching knee-high hobnailed boots with side length zipper and faux lacings.

antifa-5As Armani spokesperson Marcello Rubini  explained to reporters, “When these unemployed millennial boys and girls leave their parents’ basements to wreak havoc on Starbucks or Trump supporters or Chase Bank ATMs with their broom handles and pepper spray and bottles of urine, there’s no reason for them not to riot in style and look their best!

“As we say at Armani — Even if you are rabble, you don’t have to look like rabble when you rumble, especially — and I can’t stress this enough — when you’re macing a disabled veteran in a wheelchair or attacking the police!”