Oy Vey! Nancy Pelosi Goes Full Meshugana!

VEN (WASHINGTON) — During a press conference Thursday where Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called for the removal of “racist” Confederate statues from the Capital building, she was asked what she thought about the recent desecration of the New England Holocaust Memorial in Boston as it related to growing Neo-Nazi activity in the United States.

Appearing confused and disoriented by the question, Ms Pelosi — after briefly consulting with an aide — finally replied that  Boston’s Nazi past and the role that city played in crimes against humanity during the Second World War was “definitely a low point in American history,” although the city has “made great strides since then to correct the mistakes of the past,” which she encouraged Southern cities to emulate.

“I also understand that there were concentration camps planned to be built north of Boston in Lowell and I believe Manchester, NH but — fortunately — the war ended and those cities were liberated by American troops before those plans could be carried out.”