Can We Talk? Cabinet Verklempt, President Plotz After Javanka’s Latest Fakakta Flier Felt Like Punch In The Kishka

VEN (WASHINGTON) — While President Trump’s daughter and favorite son-in-law deny any complicity in the removal of Steve Bannon from the White House in order to please their ultra-Progressive orthodox rabbi as reported by the Daily Mail,  according to VEN’s Senior International Correspondent Alexander Portnoy, they are not making Mr Trump’s life any easier and may soon be the next one’s out the door.

According to the few remaining anonymous White House sources, Ivanka is pushing her father for a change to Old Glory based on discussions she’s been having with her friends at Hadassah, and he’s not happy. Stars-of-David-on-American-flag1

“The President dotes on his daughter, but lately everything she wants it a major tsutcheppenish and it’s driving everyone crazy.

“This time she wants the current five-pointed stars on the flag — which her rabbi told her was a shanda —  replaced with the six-pointed Star of David, and is pouting because the President told her no way.

“Meanwhile, her husband Jared is lobbying Mr Trump to chindese leaderuse an Executive Order to change the name of the Senate to The Golden Dragon 88 Buffet, as part of a branding deal his family is working out with the Chinese.

“Unless something dramatic happens, the over and under on them sticking around is now three weeks. Look for Jared to become the President’s special envoy to Mogen David.  Or if Ivanka has her way, Versace.”

Developing . . . .