Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein IQ!

VEN (BERLIN) — Abdullahi Mohammad is  tired of being called a retard.  “They chide me.  The chide my friends.  Sometimes I get so angry I want to behead someone or rape a child!”somali-3

After a particularly humiliating  encounter with German men wielding sticks and batons while he and several of his friends attempted to assault a group of crop-topped teenage girls, Mr Mohammad   became so angry he tried to burn down a petrol station with Molotov cocktails, substituting his urine for gasoline.

“Nothing happened.  There was no fire.  Then we were chased away by the police. When I got home I was so angry, I started a fire in my apartment and burned the whole building down!”fire apratment

Mr Mohammad’s story is not unique.

Throughout Germany and the EU, so-called low IQ immigrants from Africa and Arabia are being discriminated against and made to feel inferior for their  sub-standard intelligence, lack of personal hygiene,  and propensity for gratuitous violence, especially against women, children, and dogs.

To help obviate this growing problem, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has proposed a new law that mandates One IQ — 115 — for all Germans and migrants alike.

merkel-migrants“This would be truly wonderful,” Mr Mohammad told VEN.  “Now when I use the street as a public toilet, I am chided.  But with a higher IQ I can relieve myself  in the middle of the Autobahn or under the Brandenburg Gate without fear of reprisals!”

Brussels is watching what they are calling “The German Experiment” very closely, and if all goes well, the EU intends to adopt One IQ as its official policy sometime in 2018.