Meryl Streep To Play Pol Pot!

VEN Entertainment (HOLLYWOOD) — In what she describes as the “role of a lifetime,” michael-mooreAmerican actress and progressive activist Meryl Streep has been cast as Khmer Rouge strong man Pol Pot in Michael Moore’s new docudrama Year Zero,  recounting the first 100 days of the infamous Cambodian despot’s murderous regime.

However, in what many in the industry are calling a controversial twist for the versatile three-time Oscar-winning actress, Ms Streep will not only play the dictator in drag, but in drag as Donald Trump!streep as trump

“When I saw her come on stage as Trump at the benefit for the Public Theater in New York, I knew she was my Pol Pot,” Mr Moore told reporters Tuesday.

Ms Streep agreed with her director:

“In Zero, we’re gonna do to Trump what Shakespeare in the Park did — show him for who he really is, another power-crazed despot who doesn’t care how many people he kills with his America-first policies on health care, trade, and immigration.

“Today he’s giving these Nazi speeches everywhere he goes because you know, he reallytrump-pointing-b7w is Hitler.  And if we don’t do something to overturn this election, tomorrow he’ll be herding Democrats into camps,  beheading homosexuals and lesbians, restricting  Sharia, encouraging his supporters to harass and beat up Progressives in Starbucks or internet cafes, and deporting Muslims and undocumented immigrants to please his White chauvinistic xenophobic base.  Just like Pol Pot did.  They are one and the same!”

tootsieAs for appearing in drag, Ms Streep noted that she helped with the costume design and makeup for long-time friend and colleague Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie, and often dresses like male historical figures such as Walter Jenkins and Hillary Clinton to amuse her friends at cocktail parties and intimate dinners at her gated, multi-million dollar estate in Salisbury, CT.