Kim Jong-Un To US Transgenders — Free Kimchi And Happiness Await You!

VEN (SEOUL) — In what many on Capital Hill are calling a tremendous blunder, President Trump’s decision to ban transgender/transitioning/Q people from joining the military has emboldened long-time nuclear menace North Korea.

The Most Glorious And Transplendent Most Handsomest Most Virile  Husband Of The Moon And Stars, Kim Jong-Un, is reaching out to gender-fluid Americans, inviting them to join the Korean Peoples Army (KPA), where they will be “respectred for who not what you are.”kim-military

But there’s a catch.

Applicants must be able to prove that they  have completed “reassignment” surgery and have fully transitioned.jenner

“As much as we rike him, we do not want a Dennis Rodman in the KPA, as our surgeons are not skilled at he-she’ing.  Only complete Trans-Jenners are welcome at this time!”

Developing . . . .