Too Many RiNOs! McConnell Blames “Broken” iPhone Calculator App

VEN (WASHINGTON) — Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell told reporters early Wednesday that next time he’ll use his fingers and toes if necessary to get the vote totals right.iphone-2

Apparently, a faulty app on his iPhone miscalculated the number of YES votes necessary to pass the Republican healthcare bill,  forcing Mr McConnell to cancel the vote on the hastily conceived Obamacare replacement bill that Republicans only had seven years to draft.

The prevailing opinion is that they needed at least eight and possibly even nine to ten years to get the bill right.naked-toes.jpg

“The app for some reason thought that we had 200 Republicans in the Senate, 150 of whom were voting YES, so of course I thought this was a no brainer, and that’s what I told the President.

“Obviously,  we only have 120 total Senators in the Senate, so the app was way off.  This one’s on me.  My bad.  I should have double checked the numbers.”

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