CNN Does It Again! Claims President Trump Biggest Pollock Joke Ever!

VEN (BERLIN) — After the Huffington Post and other MSM outlets contended that Polish First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda intentionally ignored President Trump’s proffer of a handshake — choosing instead to shake Melania Trump’s hand first, before reluctantly taking Mr Trump’s spurned, second-best hand — CNN immediately piled on.

cuomoOn-air personality Chris Cuomo tweeted out  “WOW!  @POTUS fail! So how many Pollocks does it take to shake the President’s hand?”  A few minutes later, he followed up with a second, snarkier  tweet, “Hey world, RT if you think @POTUS is the biggest Pollock joke ever!”

Reaction was swift and fierce, as Cuomo and CNN — still reeling from the #CNNBlackmail fiasco — were once again roundly condemned, even by the progressive media, and Mr Cuomo eventually deleted the tweets,  later claiming that his account had been hacked by Russians working for James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas or — quite possibly — 5th graders at a local alt-right charter school who have taken control of Mr Cuomo’s social media accounts in the past.booker

Not to be outdone, Corey Booker tweeted out, “What’s orange and flies over Poland? Donald Trumpski!” which was immediately ridiculed on social media as a ridiculous epic fail  — “Hey Corey!  What’s stupid and flies over Newark?” and “Hey Corey, it’s Green and Peter Panski you moron!  Hate DJT,  but yr a fking dik!”

Senator Booker’s office issued a short statement contending that the senator’s Twitter accounts had been hacked, possibly by the same alt-right 5th graders who hacked Chris Cuomo’s account, and that the matter had been turned over to the FBI.

Developing . . . .