Mouse Who Saved Invalid From Burning Building Hopes To Climb Mount Everest

VEN (NEPAL) — The word “mouse” comes from Sanskrit, meaning “thief” —  a not so surprising etymology since mice from time immemorial have been known throughout the world as little pests who pilfer grains and cheeses.mouse in glass

However,  Abhayananda, is no thief.  The 5-year old Himalayan field mouse became a national hero in February, after dashing into a burning building in Nepal and guiding  a blind man to safety with repeated squeaks of encouragement.

“He saved my father’s life,” Aastik Kamur told VEN’s burning building Jonathon Wadd Sunday.  “And now Abhayananda has asked me to allow him to join the Sherpas and become the first Himalayan  field mouse to climb  Mount Everest!”

But the Sherpas are not so sure they want a mouse on an Everest assent.

mouse-climbing-brick-wall“They see  him as at best too weak to make the climb, and at worst a  pilferer of their  supplies.  But I explained that Abhayananda is no ordinary mouse — he has been training hard and is committed to the climb!”

However, Mr Kamur is the only person able to communicate with Abhayananda, which also raises concerns.

“I got him Rosetta Stone, and we are learning Esperanto together.  Soon he will be able to talk with anyone enough to be understood.”

Mr Kamur has opened a GoFundMe account for Abhayananda with a goal of raising $2,000,000.00 (USD) for special mouse-sized climbing gear, a tiny sleeping bag,  a miniature high-def camera, and mouse-sized mouse meals ready to eat (MSMM–RTE) to sustain the intrepid field mouse on the rigorous assent.