Former President Obama Denies Cross-Dressing Rumors

VEN (MILAN) — Barack Obama, America’s first openly-closeted gay president,  dismissed as “ridiculous” recent internet rumors that he was the flamboyant cross-dresser known as Roshanda Dee, who competed briefly on RuPaul’s Drag Race in early 2009.Obama-as-a-Girl--36155

The former president’s spokesperson Eric Schultz  issued the following statement Friday:

Whereas former president Obama is proud of his record of support for the gay, lesbian, trans-gender, and cross-dressing community, it’s simply not credible that he — or any president — would have the time to pick out a fabulous outfit, learn a ballad, spend hours of time in rehearsal, and then perform in front of a live audience on a cable television show without being recognized.

Ironically,  Mr Obama may have inadvertently fueled the Roshanda Dee rumors during an interview with La Repubblica in advance of his climate speech in Milan,  when reporters noticed that he was wearing high heels.Prada-high-heels-11

“They help me relax,” Mr Obama explained.  “But please, guys  — don’t tell my wife.  These are brand new Prada’s, and I don’t want Michelle stretching them out!”