If You Gotta Go, Go Go Go With A Smile!

VEN (Norwich, CT) — In case anyone is still listening, disgraced Keating Five neo-con, crackpot,  Man Happy Running With Wheelbarrow Full Of Green Moneyloyalty-challenged RINO octogenarian Senator John McCain, says — as if on cue — that he disagrees with President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, and echoes the opposition party’s thoroughly debunked claim that the Trump administration is somehow colluding with Russia.

Suffering from what many believe is Grand Mal Douchebaggery  with narcissistic affects, Mr McCain — who somehow managed to graduate from the The United States Naval Academy before embarking on an undistinguished, checkered, embarrassing career as an alleged US combat pilot — defiantly underscores his pronounced lack of loyalty of any kind by always sitting on the ARMY side of the field during the annual ARMY/NAVY game and cheering on the West Point Black Knights.

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