Mais . . . Boum!

VEN (MONTPELLIER, France) — The darling of the French left and globalists alike, Emmanuel Macron (pronounced “maricon”) appears to be a newly-minted French version of Barrack Obama.  Indeed, to the surprise of almost no one, the former American president recently made a video endorsing his doppelgänger Macron over his nationalist opponent, Marine Le Pen.

According to the Indiana Kinsey Institute think tank, the similarities between Obama and Macron are striking:obamadrag

  • Both had almost no real political experience before running for President
  • Both are globalists, aligned with powerful international bankers
  • Both are proponents of unchecked immigration, especially Muslim immigration
  • Both have lied extensively about their past
  • Both enjoy spa days and alone time with their BFFs
  • Both have extensive collections of Judy Garland records
  • Both are in bizarre marriages of convenience — Obama to what many researchers believe is either a transgendered former football player or an over-the-top, “manish boy” cross-dresser; and the 39-year-old Macron to a 64-year-old woman old enough to be his mother
  • Both look very good in heels

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