306 Electoral Candles In The Wind!

VEN (Jacksonville) — The strange similarities between Parks and Recreation and the Trump administration have become even stranger as an anonymous source tells VEN orin-kushnerthat the role of April Ludgate’s eerie Goth pal Orin was in fact played by Ivanka Trump’s husband,  Jared Kushner!

“Mr Kushner’s father gave the show a huge cash infusion to put Jared in the cast,” an anonymous industry insider told VEN.

“He was getting terrible grades at Harvard, and the old man thought maybe he could become another Peter Lawford.

“Anyway, not only did they write Jared into the cast as the infrequently recurring Orin dennis-fienstein-chalres kushnercharacter who — like Jared — rarely speaks,  they also based the explosive, bad-tempered fragrance entrepreneur, Dennis Feinstein, on Jared’s father, Charles.”

Many researchers now believe that Parks and Rec was a protracted psy-op designed to accustom the world to an eventual Trump presidency.  Even JJ’s Diner where protagonist Leslie Knope regularly eats waffles maps almost  perfectly to Trump Tower’s Jean-Georges.

As  one anonymous researcher told VEN’s senior political correspondent Dirk Diggler, “You don’t have to be Jeff Rense or Alex Jones to realize that Parks and Rec is basically the Rosetta Stone for the Trump administration!”