Life Imitates Art! Is “The Wall” The New Lot 48?

VEN (PAWNEE) — The characters in Parks And Recreation are looking eerily similar to Washington’s politicos, as funding for President Trump’s signature wall on the Mexican border becomes a major sticking point in budget negotiations, with RINOs and Democrats alike doing their best to obstruct the President’s mandate.

As fans of the brilliant, Emmy Award-winning show know, after much travail, the pit on Lot 48 was eventually filled in to the delight of the Parks And Rec crew — but does that bode well for The Wall?

Or more to the point, did The Pit arc on Parks and Recreation somehow foretell the battle over The Wall with Mexico?

Our senior Washington correspondent Dirk Diggler says yes, and with the help of behavioral psychologist John Rawlings Rees III, maps out the compelling reasons why.

lil sebastion2

Donald Trump — A combination of Leslie Knope, Ron Swanson, and Li’l Sebastian.  An indomitable triad — like a grand trine in astrology — that portends success and cannot be defeated.

Paul Ryan — Pretends to be the fiscally responsible accountant Benjamm Wyatt and fitness fanatic Town Manager Chris Traeger, but is in fact Councilman Jamm, the dishonest, self-promoting, back-stabbing nemesis of Leslie Knope.   Like Councilman Jamm, the feckless Ryan will eventually be neutralized and defeated.kyle

Mitch McConnell — Kyle

John McCain and Lindsey GrahamA Very Tuna Congress-SThe two gay guys, Derek and Ben, who are gay for each other but Derek is also April Ludgate’s boyfriend and makes out with her sometimes when she’s drunk.

Derek is gay but he’s straight for me, but he’s gay for Ben, and Ben’s really gay for Derek. And I hate Ben.

The rest of the cast foreshadowing looks like this:

Nikki Haley — April Ludgate

Roger Stone — Tom Haverford

Chuck Schumer  —  Jerry

Sean Spicer — Andy

Kellyanne Conway — Ann Perkins

Diane Feinstein — Tammy Swanson #1

Nancy Pelosi — Tammy Swanson #2

Diamond and Silk — Donna

Megyn Kelly — Mona Lisa mona lisa parks