I’m Here, And I’m Colbert — When Gays Attack

VEN (NEW YORK) — Outraged that President Trump mocked his lover’s heralded newscolbert-dickerson program Face The Nation, calling it Deface The Nation during a contentious interview in the Oval Office last Sunday,  unfunny Late Night host Stephen Colbert may have inadvertently outed himself and John Dickerson Monday, as he unleashed a torrent of retaliatory, catty, over-the-top slurs at President Trump, even crudely asserting in no uncertain terms that Mr Trump is Vladimir Putin’s catamite.

colbert-dickerson.gifWhereas Trump supporters are calling for the unapologetic Mr Colbert’s scalp (#FireColbert is trending on Twitter), and the FCC is investigating whether Mr Colbert violated network broadcasting obscenity laws, the larger story for many is the nature of Mr Colbert’s now very pubic relationship with longtime companion John Dickerson.

The two confirmed bachelors,  who share a brownstone in Manhattan, a pied a terre in Georgetown, and are frequently seen vacationing together in Key West and The Isle Of Capri, contend that they are just “very good friends” who share a common interest in Judy Garland, Johnny Depp, Lady Gaga, and are both very passionate about The Bachelorette,  although Mr Colbert much prefers watching pairs figure skating and Dancing With The Stars.

Just very good friends? Possibly.Video-Stephen-Colbert-Ricky-Martin-Being-Gay

Yet, as one anonymous source told VEN, “Girl, you do not get that bitchy and straight-up gay nasty on national TV unless you protectin’ your man!”

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