Mein Führer! I Can Wa — My GOD, Mika, You’re Still Single? At YOUR Age!

VEN (WASHINGTON) — After years of repeatedly failing to live up to her father’s lofty expectations, until finally she resigned herself to a lifetime of withering looks of disapproval and disdain, the plucky Q-Tip- Topped maladroit and oddly obtuse Mika Brzezinski  will — like Sisyphus  —  give it one more impossible try, this time by marrying co-host Joe Scarborough at the insistence of her Cold Warrior and nefarious neo-con father,  Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski.

“This is not a negotiation, Mika.  It’s already been arranged.  For God’s sake, I will not have a spinster for a daughter!”

Mika Reacts To Father Telling Her To Stop Talking And Sit Up Straight On Live TV

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