Paddy Cake, Paddy Cake, Barry’s Man. Bake Me A Fake As Fast As You Can!


Very Ersatz News (MARS)MK-ULTRA News is reporting that senior Project MONARCH officials speaking on condition of anonymity deny reports that the Obama girls are in fact the biological children of close Obama friends Dr Anita Blanchard and her husband Martin Nesbitt, as many independent researchers are claiming.

These same officials took the opportunity again to dismiss as “ridiculous” questions about the origins of the 44th President of The United States, first raised  by Kafka Network News here –>  The Deep State And Obama’s Dolphin DNA.

“Whoever is suggesting that the Obama girls look more like Blanchard and Nesbitt than Barrack and Michelle are just plain crazy,” Reverend Jeremiah Wright — the controversial pastor of the First Trinity Church,  who supposedly brokered the baby deal, told VEN.

“I mean do y’all really believe that Americans could elect an openly-closeted gay black man with Indonesian citizenship who was in a marriage of convenience to a transsexual, pretending to be the father of two girls he acquired from two of his closest friends?”

The former President — enjoying a protracted, month-long, solo vagaytion in Tahiti, where he is staying in the luxurious Wally Cox Villa at the exclusive The Brando  resort — could not be reached for comment.

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