Three-legged Cat Swims English Channel!

KNN (CALAIS) — Elizabeth “Lizzy” Fletcher was amazed when she disembarked from the Dover To Calais Ferry, only to see “a crowd of people yelling and cheering, whilst looking out at what you might say was a flurry of activity in the water, about a 100 meters from the quay.  It was frightfully hard to see exactly what was going on.  It was like the Beatles at the Albert Hall!”

To Mrs Fletcher’s amazement, what was going on was that her three-legged cat, Mr Scones, was being rescued by lifeguards from his swim — across the English Channel!

“I had forgotten my keys, as I often do.  And he was bringing them to me!  Right behind the ferry!  The whole way!”

Will the incredible Mr Scones make it into the Guinness Book of World Records?  That remains to be seen.

“Whilst certainly an astonishing feat, the feline in question was actually assisted in the final 100 meters or so before reaching the shore, so — regrettably– at first glance it would appear that the record is tainted,” a Guinness Book spokesperson told KNN.  “But it certainly was thrilling, wasn’t it?  And extremely unusual!  So we’re encouraging Mrs Fletcher to make her application just the same.”