Heim Ins Reich?


Kafka News Network (WASHINGTON) — According to unverifiable sources, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer denies rumors that President Trump is planning to annex the Canadian Maritime Provinces as part of a larger so-called “Anschluss” program, as possibly claimed by the Leni Riefenstahl  of the Left,  pretend documentary filmmaker and Chubby Checkers spokesperson, Michael Moore, at a news conference Wednesday.

“Whereas we share a common heritage, a common bloodline, a common language, and have been artificially separated owing to a draconian treaty signed over 250 years ago, after the disastrous French And Indian War,” Spicer explained, “the President views The Maritimes as part of the sovereign nation of Canada, and respects the will of the Maritimes people to determine their own future, their own fate, their own destiny, whatever that may be!”

Meanwhile, as the United States braces for the possible invasion of Greenland, a CNN panel sees darker days ahead for America:

Unverifiable And Possibly Photoshopped Screen Capture Of CNN Panel Discussion

Developing ….