Deep State Coordinating Fake News?


KNN (NEW YORK) —  Unverifiable sources tell  KNN’s Senior Political Analyst Dirk Diggler, that there is no truth whatsoever to rumors that the so-called “Mainstream Media” are colluding to spread damaging lies about President Trump,  as part of a larger dirty tricks program directed by the alleged anti-Trump Deep State to discredit and potentially remove Mr Trump from office.

But, as Mr Diggler points out, mounting evidence seems to indicate that this is exactly what’s going on:

ITEM! — A week before the election, MSNBC’s   Joy Reid And Mother Jones’ David Corn Battled Donald Trump Supporter Amy Kremer  Over Trump’s “Statement” That Blacks Need To Take Up Golf Or Risk Deportation, A Position That Ms Kremer  Vigorously Denounced As Yet Another Phony MSM Hoax or Fake News:


ITEM! — Two hours later on CNN, Don Lemon Denounced As “Insane And Racist” Another Alleged  Statement By Mr Trump That Under A Trump Administration Welfare Recipients Will Need To Play “An OK Round Of Golf, I Mean Why Not At Least Break 100?” To Get Welfare Payments.

“These People, Unemployed People, Most Of Them I’m Told Are Good People. And They Have A Lot Of Time On Their Hands. So Why Not Work On Their Short Game?”

The problem?  Trump never made those statements.  And  — given the spotty track record of our unreliable sources — we’re not even sure that these alleged Trump statements were actually discussed on MSNBC or CNN, or if the screen shots presented in this story are real or were somehow altered to make it appear that these fake Trump statements were actually reported on.
The Deep State runs deep.
Developing ….