Move Bitch Get Out Da Way — Is Biden’s Constant Scrabble Cheating Behind White House Blaxit?

VEN (Washington) — While his classmates took coveted positions as associates at prestigious law firms in and around Washington, DC, a man we’ll call D’Avonte X was thrilled when he got a mid-level position as a White House staffer right out of Georgetown Law School.

But his excitement was short lived.

“Every time the President uses the Oval Office set in the Executive Office building, which is often,” Mr X told VEN‘s Senior White House Correspondent Howard Beale, “to kill time between set ups, he insists that staffers of color, like myself, play Scrabble with him.

“At first I was like, wow, that totally rocks!  I can actually interact on a personal level with the President of the United States!   But almost immediately things took this strange turn. In my case I could put up with being called Cornbread and Br’er Staffer — I mean the guy’s almost 200 years old.  But the Scrabble cheating, it was just too much for me.  QZXYW is not a word, OK?  And when you’re forced to play for a dollar a point, and you push back on the crazy words he makes up, he gets real nasty and says stuff like scarbble wordsLook it up, Banjo Lips!  But it’s gonna cost ya!  I wrote the bill that created Scrabble!

“So, you look it up and of course it’s not a word, and as Jen Psaki glares at you and starts to remove the word from the board, he closes his eyes, gets this weird expression on his face and then WHAM! he upsets the board, throws the little tiles at you, and storms out of the room.

“The next thing you know you get a letter of reprimand put in your file, and there’s a rumor that you’re being transferred to Iowa.

“Who the f*** needs that??”

President Biden threatens black staffer who beat him at Chutes and Ladders.

Other staffers of color told similar stories to VEN.

“It’s not just Scrabble,” a black lesbian staffer explained.  “We have to play other games like Clue with him, too.  He’ll get very close to the women and try to smell our hair, and when it’s not even his turn he’ll suddenly blurt out stuff like Martin Luther King killed the white girl in the basement with a ball-peen hammer!  I mean EXCUSE ME?  What did that man just say?!!

“It’s just intolerable!”

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