VEN EXCLUSIVE! She Really Gives 110 Percent! VEN Talks College Football with Rochelle Walensky

VEN (ATLANTA) — On Monday evening VEN‘s Senior College Gridiron Correspondent Pierre Béchamp sat down with the CDC’s Dr Rochelle Walensky to talk about the upcoming college playoffs on New Year’s Eve.

PB — Thank you so much for being here, Dr Walensky.  We know how busy you are, but when we found out you were an avid college football fan since your days at Washington University, we just had to reach out to you to get your take on this year’s college football playoffs.

RW — I’m delighted to be here, Pierre!  And thank you so much for having me! But before we begin, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out one small change in the playoff schedule.  As of today, the games will be played on December 50th, and not the 31st.

PB — December 50th?

RW — That’s right.  We’ve decided to extend the month of December indefinably to give people more time to get their Christmas and Hanukkah shopping done.

walnesky 5
Dr Walensky indicating to NCAA officials how many players ideally she would like to see in a huddle.

PB — I’m sorry.  You’re extending December indefinitely?

RW — That’s right.  Starting with December 50th, formerly known as December 31st.

PB — OK.  So no New Year’s Eve this year?

RW — We’re currently having those discussions, but no nothing’s been finalized yet. Also, before I forget, starting on December 51, we’ll be asking everyone to turn their clocks back 10 hours, to give people more daylight throughout the winter months.

PB — Wow!  That makes a lot of sense.  I don’t know why we didn’t do that sooner!

RW — I know, right?

PB — So who do you see winning it all on New Year’s, on December 51st?Walensky-RS2

RW — Well that’s a tough  one.  I was born in Massachusetts and grew up outside of Washington, DC,  so a little reluctantly I’m gonna have to go with the Nats!

PB — The Nats?  They’re a professional baseball team, right?

RW — Not anymore.

PB — Could you elaborate on that?

RW — Sure.  The Nats are now a hockey team.  We thought that made the most sense for everyone involved.

PB — But we’re talking about the college football playoffs and the title on ice

RW — (laughs)  I guess I’m getting ahead of myself again!  We’re recommending that these games be played on an iced field, if they’re played at all, with pucks instead of footballs to reduce injuries.  I should have made that clear at the outset.

PB — OK. Most people are expecting another Georgia/Alabama match up for the national title.  What are you expecting?

RW — Frankly, we’d like to see these games played virtually, and we’re currently in discussions with EA Sports to see if we can make that a reality this year.

PB — And the fans in the stadiums?Jumbo-tron

RW — That’s a great question, Pierre!  Ideally, we’d like them to watch the virtual games on their smart phones in the parking lot.  But if that can’t happen, they can watch everything unfold on the Jumbotrons!

PB — Before we wrap up, one final question — who’s your favorite college football player?

RW — Oh, that’s easy.  I don’t even have to think about it.  Manny Ramirez!  And of course, Larry Bird!  They were both just sensational!