Meet The New York Times First Choice For Their Newest Editorial Board Member

Sarah JeongVEN (NEW YORK) — While the New York Times is (so far) sticking by their recent controversial diversity hire Sarah Jeong — despite years of  bizarre, copious anti-white racist tweets which have recently come to light  — VEN has learned from anonymous sources that the Gray Lady’s first choice for the position was South Africa’s Marxist,  white-genocide-advocate and Commander-in-Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters — Julius Malema — who surprisingly turned the newspaper down!

“Unfortunately, I have my hands full here in South Africa working  hard day and night to  make my dream of white genocide come true,” Mr Malema explained to VEN‘s Senior Diversity Reporter Jonathon Clayton Saturday.

“They offered me a lot of money to write a weekly column entitled KILL THE BOER,  after the old Zulu song I recently popularized.

“I would be free to express my random thoughts on why all white people everywhere in the world should be driven off their land and have their belongings confiscated without compensation and raped, tortured, terrorized and put to death until they comply.

“In fact, they should just be raped,  tortured, and put to death regardless!  Who needs white people?  What good are they to anyone? They are devils!  And they need to die!”

“Aw dubul’ibhunu!

“The white man is the disease that I have been sent to cure!kill white

Dubula dubula!

“Why do we need farmers?  All the food comes from the grocery stores anyway!

“So sadly, I had to tell the Times no, I cannot be your newest editorial board member.

“But I recommended Sarah Jeong — a good friend — who hates the white devils almost as much as I do! I love her tweets!  They are extraordinary!

“She is definitely one of us!”