Trump Asks Sessions To Ban Coincidences!

florida shooterVEN (WASHINGTON) — After yet another mass school shooting took place on a day scheduled for an emergency drill, with a shooter who was a troubled loner on SSRI medications, living with a former Army Intelligence Officer and his wife, whom the FBI had been warned about twice and police called to his home over 30 times, an exasperated President Trump announced Tuesday that he has instructed Attorney General Jeff Sessions to put an end to all of these troubling coincidences.

mass-shootersHowever,  anonymous Department Of Justice  sources indicate that Mr Sessions is considering recusing himself yet again, this time because he apparently owns stock in the company, Quod Autem Abscondam, Inc,  that has been contracted to raze the site of the latest school shooting,  the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, just as they did at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2013.

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