Al Sharpton — Pygmies From The Congo Built the Matterhorn!

sharptonVEN (YORKVILLE) — Disgraced Tawana Brawley, race-baiting huckster Al Sharpton told Joe Scarborough on  MSNBC’s Morning Joe Thursday that African tribes — led by Pygmies from the Congo — built several mountain ranges in Europe and Asia, including the majestic Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps, well before “them Greek homos ever heard of calculus!”

pygmiesMr Sharpton, echoing remarks he made at a New Jersey college in 1993, chided “the White Man’s so-called accomplishments,” which — he claimed — pale in comparison to scores of African triumphs, including the Sahara Desert, The Rock of Gibraltar, parts of the Indian Ocean,  and the entire Arabian Sea,  including the Gulf Of Oman.

“Those chocolate-eating Swiss crackers would be using snow shoes now instead of skies if it hadn’t been for them Pygmies!”

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