Oy Vey — DREAMERS To Israel?

VEN (TEL AVIV) — Chaffing from criticism of leading a repressive Jewish ethnostate after deporting 38,000 African refugees, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Tuesday morning in advance of President Trump’s first State of the Union Address that Israel is prepared to take in all 1.8 million DREAMERS living illegally in the United States.

The program — called Jews for Jesus (pronounced Hey-Zeus)  — immediately ran afoul of the Messianic Jewish non-profit organization Jews for Jesus (pronounced Gee-Suz) — founded in 1973 — that believes Jesus of Nazareth is the True Jewish Messiah,  and who hold the copyright to the brand name.

“They hit us with a TRO, a temporary restraining order, and are threatening to sue us for 100 million USD unless we change the program name,” a spokesperson for the Knesset told reporters late Tuesday,  Israeli time.

“But unfortunately that’s a non-starter, since we already printed up letter heads and business cards,  marketing collateral, shot a PSA and so forth. We just don’t have the budget to do this all over again.”

“Oh, well,” a subdued Mr Netanyahu told reporters.  “At least we tried!”